Get To Know Me

Why did you create A Few Good Things?

I wanted a place where I could vent creatively. A place where I could (hopefully) inspire others, get them excited about fashion, or just simply show how I would rock something.

How does being an “island girl” play into your personal style?

I know that I don’t have the typical look of someone that grew up on an island. I have a very classic look – I get that from my grandmother. That said, I have a laid back approach to my style as well. I hate stiff & put together, so I always do something to my look to make it less fussy.

Would you say your grandmother inspired you?

Hell yea! She was an amazing woman with an amazing sense of style. She knew who she was, that’s a powerful thing. So many people have no idea who they are, so they just follow. It’s okay to follow if you truly love whats going on, but if it’s not really you/ doesn’t look good, don’t do it. I learned that from her.

Do you have a personal mantra?

Yea. Be you!