The Stacked Heel

I have never liked wedges. Sorry ladies but (generally) they are not cute. Sorry not sorry. They do have one plus tho, and that is that you can get heel height without the foot pain. The science behind this is that wedges distribute the weight of your body, thus making them more comfortable that a steletto. But they are just, ew. So what to do? Enter the stacked heel. Now I know a lot of women that say that the stacked heel is “…clunky and ugly, just not sexy.” Well I hate to burst your bubble but the stacked heel is far more sexy & modern than a wedge. The best part, stacked heels distribute your weight – the same way a wedge does – making them comfortable. ┬áSo if your not on the stacked heel band wagon by now, get on board, this wagon is moving forward.

Below are some options for both day and night.




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