WHAT TO WEAR: On a Plane

I travel a lot, usually between South Florida & NYC, so I’m no stranger to flying. Looking smart, while being comfortable is always my main goal when traveling. In most cases I have very little time to do a full outfit change after I leave the airport, but I need to look put together for the next activity.


Rule one is wear solid neutral colors. Typically I go for black. Black always looks polished & chic. Another point is that it shows the least amount of wear. Types of clothing that I gravitate towards when traveling are Skinny jeans that are soft & have a lot of stretch. Thick leggings – they are less sporty looking than regular leggings. Chic joggers, now I’m not talking about the kind that you wear to the gym. No. The ones that are made out of silk, cotton, or wool & are dressy. On top it really depends on where I’m going and what time of the year it is. If I’m going somewhere where its warm I’ll usually wear a t shirt, or silk tank. If I’m going somewhere where it’s cold, I’ll wear a cashmere sweater. No matter where I’m going I bring a jacket. I get cold on planes, so a jacket is a must.


Ladies don’t try and be a hero here. Airports are big & you will be doing a lot of walking. Not to mention, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to power walk, or even run to catch your flight. Also your carrying luggage. It’s just not cute looking like your struggling, so wear flats. I typically go for a ballet flat, but I will also opt for loafers or slip on sneakers. If you have to go to a dinner or an event where you need to wear a heel right after you land, put a pair of heels in your carry on luggage so you can do a quick swap.


I always travel with a carry on suitcase, but lets face it, accessing it while in the air is not practical. Not to mention its super annoying to other passengers. So carry all of the things that you will need while in flight in your personal bag. This way its easily accessible when you need it. When traveling I usually go with either a large carry all bag or a large cross body bag. I need to have my hands free – I’m that person with their carry on in one hand & their venti Starbucks in the other.


Keep your jewelry to a minimum when traveling. Also make sure that your jewelry is solid gold or silver – you will have to take off fake metals. My go to’s are a chunky gold bracelet & ring. They complete any outfit & if I have an event to go to right after I land I know I’ll still look complete.


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