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When it comes to home organization I am Monica Geller’s doppelgänger. I just can not stand running around, rummaging through clutter trying to find something I need. I find it a waist. So I insist on having boxes, bins and jars for (just about) everything.

Mason jars are my go to for the kitchen – I also use them for small objects around the home. They work great for storing food. They are glass so you can see the contents & are air tight so they keep food fresh for longer periods of time. Oh and they look way better than those cardboard boxes food comes in. One other tip, they work great for storing leftovers.

Bin & trays s are perfect for storing things that you use frequently. So in the living room, I would use them to store magazines, remotes, games, etc. I also love them for the closet, using them to house scarfs, small leather goods, and knit tops that I wear on a regular basis. I also love using them in the bathroom to house bath tissue, extra soap, and other necessary items.

storage bins

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Boxes should be used for those things that you don’t really use, the stuff that you want out of sight and out of mind. So think seasonal clothing, holiday decorations, or other old items that you can not part with.

storage boxes

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Images c/o: West Elm, Pottery Barn, Target, CB2, One Kings Lane, ZARA, H&M

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