The Edit: High Street Faves Under $100

  • Top Five High Street Faves ZaraTop Five High Street Faves HMTop Five High Street Faves WhistlesTop Five High Street Faves MSTop Five High Street Faves Topshop

From ZARA: Shoes | Jacket | Romper | Skirt | Denim Jacket

From H&M: Dress | Jeans |  Jacket | Bag | Shoes

From WHISTLES: Skirt | Dress | T Shirt | Clutch | Cuff

From Miss Selfridge: Pants | Shoes | Hat | Kimono | Sunglasses

From TOPSHOP: Shoes | Dress |  Vest | Jeans | Swimsuit

High street is a term that is used ever so frequintly in the fashion industry & most all of us know what it it. For those that do not “high street” refers to a brand or type of store that you would find in a mall.

There are hundreds if not thousands of high street brands out there, big names include ZARA, TOPSHOP & H&M. Then there are lesser known names like Dorothy Perkins, New Look & Finery.

I love high street brands for two main reasons:

  1. Price. They offer well made clothing that is current in fashion & it is available at a great price.
  2. I love mixing high fashion with high street. To be honest I can not stand when people wear head to toe high end fashion, it’s pretentious & it comes off as if you are trying too hard.

So in honor of my love of high street brand I have rounded up a Top Five list of not only my top five fave high street brands but 5 of my fave current items. Oh and get this, it’s ALL UNDER $100!





Images c/o: ZARA, H&M, Miss Selfridge, TOPSHOP, WHISTLES

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