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Lately I have been seeing double. They come in as many names as they do styles and colors. Co-ords (aka Co-Ordinates), Matching Set’s, Twinset, Two-Piece Sets, the list goes on. I am of corse talking about separates that go together.

To be honest tho, I am not their biggest fan. I am aware that they have pros, like they are basically idiot proof, you don’t need to think to hard as to how to coordinate the look, and you can wear them separately by mixing them with other items in your closet.

For me tho there is one major con that I just can not get past. They match. Yes, the very principle that makes them great is the thing I dislike the most about them. I’m just not a matchy matchy type of person, never have been. Even to this very day I mix metals & wear a brown belt with black shoes (sorry fashion police) and that has always been suffice. So when this whole lets wear head to toe matching articles of clothing thing came out I cringed and rolled my eyes in exasperation.

Rambling aside, I can see on major benefit in matching sets. The benefit that you can wear them with other items in your closet, thus removing the matching part is quite appealing. So I rounded up some Kimi approved co-ords for you to shop. The reason I like most of these is because they are simple & minimal. They will go with like most everything in your closet & should last you well beyond the trends downfall.







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