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Frugal Fringe: H&M bag | TOPSHOP crop top | Missguided vest | BooHoo jacket | White House Black Market shoes

Fling on Fringe: DKNY jacket | Saint Laurent dress | Rebecca Minkoff bag | Saint Laurent shoes | Rosantica necklace

There is an age old question that every fashion lover has to face (regardless if we want to or not) at some point – actually we have to face this question at least twice a year, every year, typically after every fashion week wraps – and it’s wether to splurge on a trend or to save on it. Personally for me I dont’ really see the point is throwing oodels of cash at trends. Look I’m not saying that you shouldn’t or anything, it’s just not my thing.

Maybe it’s the business woman in me but I simply just can not wrap my pretty little brain around splurging on something that will only be around for a short while. Basically I look at it like this. I calculate everything with the CPW (Cost Per Wear) formula.

It works this way. First I estimate how many times in a month I will wear the garment in question. Next, I determin if the item is a trend piece or a staple – If it is a staple I multiply the amount of times I estimated I will wear the garment in a week by 12. If the item is a trend (or seasonal) I multiply by 6. I then take that number & multiply by the number of years I believe I can wear the garment. Last, I divide the cost of the garment by the derived number. The end result is the CPW.

If your not the math type look at it this way. You wouldn’t spend that much time, effort or money on a guy that you were just “dating” & knew that in 6 months or so would (to put it bluntly) stop calling and or answering calls from. Where as if you really liked someone & felt that it would actually form into some sort of long term relationship, then you would invest a bit more into it.

Now if I was going to splurge on the fringe trend that the inner wanna be rock star loves so much, then I would go for either the Saint Laurent shoes or the Rebecca Minkoff bag. Let me tell you why. With the shoes, the trend is less noticable, thus allowing you to get away with wearing them past their expiration date. As for the bag, it’s under $200, so it wont set you back your entire months rent.





Images c/o: NET-A-PORTER, FWRD, TOPSHOP, Missguided, BooHoo, White Houe Black Market

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