Mom Jeans

the shopping list

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Look #1: H&M jeans | J.Crew t shirt | Michael Kors necklace | Banana Republic necklace | Vans sneakers

Look #2: TOPSHOP jeans | Lanvin blazer | Coach bag | ZARA shoes | Michael Kors rings HERE & HERE & HERE

Look #3: H&M jeans | The Row blouse | Christian Louboutin shoes | La Perla bra

This was a shocker that hit the fashion “do” list. Mom jeans. Like really?!? Is it the end? Are we out of ideas? Do we not remember that SNL skit on the subject? Like why are mom jeans a thing?!? Well they are & it’s the s**t! Yea you heard me right, I’m a fan – the Mr. is not but hey, he doesn’t need to wear them.

So now that y’all know where I stand on the subject it’s time to get down to business. Unless you want to, I wouldn’t really put much dough into the trend. Let’s be real chances are this little phase will (sadly) die out again.

Wearing the mom jean should be done effortlessly & with a modern twist. So for those that need a visual, I have laid out some of my top picks with how I would style em’.




Images c/o: NET-A-PORTER, Michael Kors, Coach, H&M, TOPSHOP, ZARA, Banana Republic

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