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H&M felt storage box | West Elm silk pillow cover | Crate & Barrel wood & marble platter | Design Within Reach safari chair | CB2 concrete candle holders | Pier 1 Imports wood basket

Often overlooked is the importance of texture in a home, specifically speaking mixing various textures. Not that people don’t use texture, it’s just that they do not realize they are using it – altho I’m sure that there are those out there that just do not really use it that much.

Texture not only adds depth to a home – something that is incredibly important – but it tells about your personality and let’s face it, it’s your home & it should reflect you.

So back to the point. Mixing textures is not only okay, it is your duty to do so. The last thing you want is to use little and have your home looking flat. However, like anything if done wrong it can look bad. So here is my simple methodology for successfully mixing various textures:

Style it like you would style yourself.

What do I mean by this? When decorating a home – just like putting an outfit together – you have an overall feel and look that you are going for (personal style). Stick with that.

For me, I love simple I don’t care for anything crazy or overwhelming. So the “look” I go for is muted tones & natural colors (no bright pink sofa for this lady) and that is what I stick with.




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