Old 7 Mile Bridge


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So if you are following me on Instagram, then you know that I went to The Key’s for Mother’s Day to visit Momma Flight.

It is always a blast visiting with my mom, and this time she made the suggestion that we go to Marathon & walk the old 7 Mile Bridge. Now I’m going to be honest here, even tho I am from The Key’s, and yes rode on the old bride to get to Pigeon Key, I’ve never walked on it, so was quite excited to do something new. That said, not so excited about the 90 degree weather.

So to combat the heat, while looking cute, I threw on a black shirt dress from Banana Republic (No longer available, similar HERE), slipped on my Coach Loafers (No longer available, similar HERE), layered on some vintage gold necklaces, and grabbed my Coach cat eye sunnies (No longer available, but love THIS VERSION), and voilĂ  instant heat chic outfit.

P.S. the rooster pic was actually taken in KW but was too cute not to throw in lol.



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