80’s Regeneration


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Top: Chloe (No longer available, similar HERE by Topshop) | Plaid Shirt: Michael Kors (No longer available, similar HERE by Topshop) | Jeans: Joe’s | Blazer: Zara (Old, similar HERE by Stella Mccartney) | Heels: YSL (Old, similar HERE by Jimmy Choo) | Bag: Coach | Sunglasses: Coach (No longer available, similar HERE by Bvlgari) | Watch: Coach (No longer available, same watch in silver HERE tho)

I missed the 80’s. Like the whole darn thing, you see I was born in October of 89, so I have absolutely no memory of plaid work shirts, leather jackets, studs, spikes, over teased hair, rock, grunge, punk, fishnet stockings, military boots, Breakfast Clubs and people driving around on lawnmowers.

Now I know that the 80’s are often seen as that dark moment in fashion history, that we just skip over in class, but I personally liked the 80’s…well what I have seen of it…okay most of it. Now I’m not one for the crazy hair and fishnet stockings, but I love anything with spikes or studs, I like plaid, leather, a cute military inspired boot, I listen to rock, grunge, and punk, and I love me a good 80’s movie.

So it comes at no surprise that when designers started to revive the 80’s I became ecstatic at the opportunity to relive a moment in time that I was deprived of, and I get to make it my own!!!

What time period in fashion is your fave? What would you like to see designers revive???

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